Feb 28, 2012: Drawing districts to deepen divides?

It looks increasingly like a court-appointed special master will have to draw the new map for New York’s congressional districts. Will that plan reflect reality as well as federal law?

Feb 27, 2012: Latino groups to Cuomo: Veto the legislative lines

In a letter sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo late last week, LatinoJustice and the National Institute for Latino Policy called on the Governor to veto the legislative redistricting lines that were expected to come out this week.

Jan 24, 2012: Unity Maps for NYC

LatinoJustice PRLDEF proposed the "Unity Map," a joint effort with The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Institute for Latino Policy, and the Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College. The map redraws district lines to take into account New York City's Asian-American, Latino, and black populations.

Nov 15, 2011: Orange leaders back plan that could weaken Hispanic, black voter strength

Activists seeking a majority Hispanic district for the Orange County Commission predicted Tuesday they will file a lawsuit after county commissioners roundly rejected the districting plan they favored.

Sep 20, 2011: Population Boost Isn’t Giving Latinos an Edge in State Redistricting Plans

When the 2010 Census results came in, Latinos seemed poised to exert more political influence in the U.S. than ever before. In the past 10 years, the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, more than quadruple the 9.7 percent growth rate for the country overall.

Jul 28, 2011: How the budget battle could affect 2012 elections

Politicians are looking at re-drawing districts for the upcoming 2012 elections. But at the same time they try to protect the district lines that favor their parties, the budget battle going on in Washington could be drawing a bigger dividing line among the electorate.

Jul 27, 2011: Orlando redistricting hearing packs the house — with the House

The Florida Legislature’s redistricting whistle-stop tour is in Orlando this afternoon and has drawn a crowded house, and that’s just counting the House members present.

Jul 16, 2011: Osceola's new district lines may boost Hispanic political clout

A shift toward majority-Hispanic commission districts that began four years ago in Osceola County is likely to accelerate next year, potentially changing the balance of political power in the county.

Jul 12, 2011: Hispanic Group Wants Weiner's NY District Gone

The diverse congressional district that Anthony Weiner vacated in the midst of a sexting scandal has become the latest battleground for a Latino organization that is laboring to increase the political clout of Hispanics in Congress.

Jun 8, 2011: Hispanos presentan plan para nuevos distritos en Florida

Hispanics fueled well more than half the population growth in Hillsborough County during the past decade.

Jun 6, 2011: Hispanic group forms to have voice in Hillsborough County redistricting

Hispanics fueled well more than half the population growth in Hillsborough County during the past decade.

May 31, 2011: Hispanic Population, Rising Faster Than Anticipated, A 'Huge Weapon' For Obama

For the first time in decades, Buffalo lawmakers have unanimously supported a redistricting plan that changes Common Council boundaries to reflect a shrinking city.

May 27, 2011: DC Redistricting Plan Proceeds

Once every decade, jurisdictions are required to redraw their political boundaries based on the latest census figures. Not surprisingly, the process can sometimes get messy, and the District is no exception.

Apr 20, 2011: Hispanics seek consideration in redistricting

Lawmakers were urged Tuesday night to recognize the growing numbers of Hispanics in the Mid-Valley as they proceed to redraw legislative district lines after the 2010 Census.

Apr 15, 2011: Osceola vows fair treatment of Hispanics in redistricting

The Osceola County Commission has adopted a resolution designed to ensure that the county's redistricting advisory committee resembles as much as possible the population at large.

Apr 8, 2011: Nine NY Senators Sue over Prisoner Count

Betty Little and eight other Republican state senators have launched a lawsuit challenging a law that counts state prison inmates at their former addresses rather than where they are locked up.

Mar 10, 2011: Census Quick Cuts: California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut

The Census rolled out new data for four more states this week, including the nation's most populous state, California, and two presidential bellwethers that are losing congressional representation, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Mar 9, 2011: Technology Gives Citizens a Say in Redistricting

This week, the Census Bureau sent redistricting data to California, making it 27 states which have received their 2010 census data, detailed demographic portraits of their populations.

Mar 9, 2011: Redistricting debate roils Senate

Senate Republicans on Tuesday rejected the Democratic minority's attempt to push for a public hearing on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's redistricting bill.

Feb 28, 2011: New Jersey Hispanics Debate How to Redistrict – Should Their Voice Be Concentrated in Some Areas, Or Spread Over Many?

New Jersey, far ahead of most other states in the decennial redrawing of legislative districts, is wrestling with the Republican preference for concentrating Hispanic voters in certain areas, or the Democrat one for spreading them out over many.

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