Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Our response to the tragedy in Puerto Rico will be to organize and bring to the island the legal assistance needed by the residents of Puerto Rico. Residents qualify for FEMA aid, unemployment aid, public benefits and insurance recovery. They will need the assistance of trained bilingual attorneys or paralegal volunteers in order to complete the claim forms that govern distribution of emergency funds.

Suspension of Jones Act

We need to extend the suspension of the Jones Act beyond the announced 10 days so that critically-needed supplies (including food and medical supplies) can get through to Puerto Rico's residents.

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Legal Assistance

Working with our colleagues in Puerto Rico, we will organize and train attorneys and legal workers to provide disaster relief by conducting workshops, translating existing disaster relief materials as well as providing administrative and substantive support. We will mobilize volunteers to provide legal assistance to both Puerto Ricans remaining on the island and those migrating to the states.

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Contact Congress

Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact Your Elected Officials

Congress needs to act on Puerto Rico by 1) Repealing or extending the suspension of the Jones Act. 2) Putting a moratorium on public debt payments until basic services are provided. 3) Appropriate additional disaster relief funds for recovery. Click the link below so you can contact your representative and make sure they know that this issue is important.

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You can help us mobilize our efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico by making a donation. Click the link to donate to our Rebuilding Puerto Rico program.

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