Immigration Resources from our Partners

This is a collection of Know Your Rights materials focused on Immigrant Rights from our partners and government agencies. If you know something that is missing then please message us at with a link to the resources that should be added.

LatinoJustice Selected Resources

We have partnered with many of these organizations to develop reports and trainings to help support the immigrant community. Below is a selection of those resources.

  • Framework to Provide Sanctuary for Immigrants. Find more information and download the report we developed in collaboration with Demos here you can also watch the KYR video with Voto Latino and Demos here.
  • ICE Raids Know Your Rights Palm Card - English y Español. Read KYR information and download the palm card here.
  • Preparing for Ice Raids in Trumps America - You can see the powerpoint that our legal team developed for a Know Your Rights presentation and the notes on each slide by clicking here.

If you would also like for us to develop any specific resources then please message us at with the resource that you think we should develop.

New York City Commission on Human Rights

The New York City Commission on Human Rights is charged with the enforcement of the Human Rights Law, Title 8 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, and with educating the public and encouraging positive community relations. The New York City Human Rights Law is protects people in New York City from multiple forms of discrimination, including but not limited to housing, employment and racial profiling. Below are some resources available from the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

  • Download "Immigrants and Human Rights at Work and at Home" here (Available in English, Spanish and 5 other languages)
  • Download "5 Things You Should Know about Discriminatory Harassment under NYC Human Rights Law" here. (Available in English and Spanish)
  • Download "Protections for Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities" here. (Other languages can be found on their website)

This is just a selection of the fact sheets that are available. You can find the full list here and visit the Commission's website here.

Office for New Americans

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo established the Office for New Americans (ONA) to assist newcomers to New York State who are eager to contribute to our economy and become part of the family of New York State. The New York State Office for New Americans helps New Americans fully participate in New York State civic and economic life. They are committed to strengthening New York State’s welcoming environment for New Americans and facilitating their success. Below are some resources available via ONA.

  • New Americans Hotline (1-800-566-7636): The New Americans hotline is a toll-free, multi-lingual hotline. The hotline provides live assistance in more than 200 languages. Anyone can call the hotline for information and referrals, regardless of citizenship or documented status. Calls to the hotline are confidential and anonymous.
  • ONA Opportunity Centers - ONA Opportunity Centers partner with other community-based and government agencies to coordinate and/or host additional programming and support for new American communities. These sites will be the focal point for communities to embrace New Americans by volunteering their valuable time to support newcomers. Find an Opportunity Center here.
  • Join or Host a Community Conversation about Immigrants: Conversing about our country and State’s immigrant history is important to the future of New York. To help facilitate this dialogue, the New York State Office for New Americans is sponsoring Community Conversations on Immigration. These conversations allow New Yorkers to reflect on our shared immigrant history and discuss the ways that immigration continues to shape the experience of being an American in this day and age. More information about how to host or join here.

This is just a selection of the resources via ONA. You can see the full list of ONA's work here.

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