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You can download the Cada Voto Cuenta Voter Protection App on Andriod here and iOS here. The app contains Know Your Rights information for 14 states and coordinates with our voter protection team.

You can also read more about the app launch here.

Protecting the Vote in 2016

November 2016 will be the FIRST Presidential Election since the Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) was passed, where people will be seeking to vote without the key protections of the VRA that were struck down by the Supreme Court’s June 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision.

In primary after primary this year, we’ve seen jurisdictions once covered by the VRA making it harder for people to vote. Right here In Brooklyn, entire buildings and blocks were de-registered from voting in a purge of over 125,000 voters from the rolls. Arizona and other states like Florida with high numbers of minority voters closed high percentages of their polling places and/or curtailed early voting. In North Carolina, thousands of voters were turned away on Election Day because of the impact of the state’s voter suppression law. Texas has attempted to utilize its draconian voter ID law, despite two federal court decisions holding that the law is racially discriminatory - LatinoJustice filed an amicus brief with the 5th Circuit earlier this year; citing several of the same authorities, the 5th Circuit ultimately affirmed the lower court decision holding that Texas’ restrictive voter ID law was racially discriminatory in its effect.

Had the VRA remained intact, these jurisdictions would have had to prove these changes didn’t deny voting rights to people of color before they took effect. Now, without DOJ preclearance oversight and accountability, these states and localities are now enacting election changes which may have a potentially devastating discriminatory impact on Latina/o voters.

How can you help?

Together, through LatinoJustice PRLDEF’s nonpartisan, bilingual Cada Voto Cuenta Voter Protection Initiative, we can work to protect the rights of all Latina/o voters, in 2016.

Cada Voto Cuenta Overview

LatinoJustice's Nonpartisan Cada Voto Cuenta Election Monitoring Voter Protection Initiative, affiliated with the National Election Protection Coalition, is recruiting bilingual Spanish-speaking legal volunteers in five states:

1) New York
2) Pennsylvania
3) Florida
4) North Carolina
5) Georgia

In each of these localities we will identify, recruit, train, cultivate and develop local private bar leaders, bar associations, legal services organizations and law students to enforce voting rights protections on behalf of Latina/o communities across the Eastern Seaboard and the Southeastern United States.

Please find our Cada Voto Cuenta Pro Bono Voter Protection Volunteer Recruitment Flyer for circulation to interested law students, graduates, lawyers, legal professionals and community advocates, here, and sign up to volunteer today, here.

Engage in #CadaVotoCuenta on Social Media

Help us elevate the conversations on social media by tagging us in voter protection news where you are and using the hashtag #CadaVotoCuenta. We are active across the platforms, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Vote Defenders Photo Campaign: Finally, join the vote defenders photo campaign. All you have to do is print out the sign (download pdf here) and fill it out with your name and an explanation about why you believe that Cada Voto Cuenta in the 2016 election. Then, post the photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while using the hashtag #CadaVotoCuenta and tagging LatinoJustice. We will feature some of the photos in our vote defenders photo album on Facebook here.

Cada Voto Cuenta Badge: Show your support for Cada Voto Cuenta on social media by adding the Cada Voto Cuenta badge to your social media. Click here to update your Twitter and Facebook profile with the Cada Voto Cuenta voter protection badge and encourage your friends to do the same. We want to make sure that everyone knows that we are committed to making sure that “#CadaVotoCuenta in #Election2016”

Possible Tweets

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    Join me in making sure #EveryVoteCounts by registering to volunteer for #CadaVotoCuenta #VotingRights @latinojustice

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    Restrictive #VoterID laws and barriers to language access still exist. Join me in making sure #CadaVotoCuenta

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    Voters need to be free from discrimination at polls. Join #CadaVotoCuenta w/@latinojustice + @NALEO Protect the vote

Possible Facebook Posts

  • Restrictive voter ID laws, barriers to language access, felony disenfranchisement and vote dilution still exist. Join me in making sure Every Vote Counts by registering to volunteer for LatinoJustice's #CadaVotoCuenta campaign at #Election2016
  • 95% of Latinos, 87% of Asian Americans, and 98% of African Americans under the age of 18 are citizens who will become eligible to vote in the next generation – we need to #RestoretheVRA for the future of our democracy. Join me by registering for LatinoJustice’s #CadaVotoCuenta campaign to help protect #VotingRights. #Election2016
  • All voters deserve to be free from discrimination when they head to the polls. Join me in the effort to make sure #CadaVotoCuenta by volunteering with LatinoJustice's Voter Protection campaign. Register to volunteer by following the link

Questions about Cada Voto Cuenta? Please contact Joanna Cuevas Ingram, LJP Associate Counsel, at 212.739.7576, or

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