Thanksgiving Message from Juan Cartagena

November 2014


As you head into your Thanksgiving celebration, please take a moment to learn how LatinoJustice PRLDEF, with support from our friends, partners and benefactors, has made an impact on the lives of Latinos this past year – and what we’ll be working on in the year ahead.

As you consider our community’s needs and the challenges we face today, I hope you will be moved to make a year-end gift so that LatinoJustice can continue to pursue dignity, equality and security for all Latinos.


2014 has so far been an eventful year, one filled with remarkable accomplishments. We started out the year with the City of New York pledging to end its appeals to Stop & Frisk cases. This foreshadowed numerous other achievements, including:

  • The U.S. Supreme Court left intact lower court rulings prohibiting anti-immigrant ordinances in Hazleton, PA or ground-breaking case in the field of immigrants’ rights;
  • An appeals court in Florida ruled that the state’s purge of Latino voters, allegedly for non-citizenship, cannot stand;
  • LatinoJustice opened and staffed its first-ever regional office in Orlando, FL and our Southeast Regional Office is now open for operations;
  • Our Justice 4 Job Seekers Campaign victory when the NY Attorney General launched agreements to stop five predatory employment agencies from continuing their practices;
  • Dean Julio Fontanet Maldonado of Inter-American University School of Law announced a unique new program to recruit states-based law students at our NYC Law Day March for Justice;
  • President Obama announced an executive order that will help millions more Latinos stay with their U.S. born children and families after years of advocacy by LatinoJustice and our partners and peers;
  • We launched, for the first time in our 42-year history, a Capital Campaign - Securing the Dream – to raise $5 million that will help sustain us long-term.
  • LatinoJustice attorneys successfully pushed for an investigation into hate crimes committed by Suffolk County law enforcement against Latino laborers


While we have much to celebrate, the fact remains that Latinos, the largest ethnic and racial minority in the U.S., continue to be the target of discriminatory laws and actions by law enforcement and municipalities all over the country. Anti-immigrant rhetoric that seems politically expedient to some also creates an environment where Latinos are increasingly held up to vilification and hate crimes.

In 2015, LatinoJustice will redouble its efforts to make an impact through its four pillars of justice: Impact Litigation and Advocacy, Legal Education/Pipeline Programs, Civic Engagement, and Leadership Development

In the coming year, LatinoJustice will work on myriad cases and projects, among them:

  • Suffolk County Justice Project, tackling local law enforcement that has systematically neglected and victimized Latino residents;
  • LAW Project, protecting the rights of Latina and Latino immigrant workers
  • Helping Latinos navigate immigration reform systems and avoid predatory legal providers while also brokering remedies for the millions of Latino immigrants not eligible for relief under new immigration guidelines
  • Defending Latino voting rights in the Southeast and nationally as anti-Latino voting practices continue to proliferate
  • Increasing access for Latinos to get into law school and to be recruited at law firms and corporations nationwide
  • Giving voice and information to thousands of Latino youth – to empower them to become leaders and advocates for themselves and their communities


Please remember to check on the LatinoJustice website periodically for information on key events and activities, including:

January 12-16 – Winter LAWbound Academy

January 21 – President’s Address

April 23 – Southeast Leadership Reception

June 17 – Latina Trailblazers Breakfast

August 3-7- Summer LAWbound Academy

November 12-Annual Awards Gala

You can make a gift online – – and please consider becoming a monthly donor. You can send a check to LatinoJustice at 99 Hudson St., 14th Floor, NY, NY 10013.

And don’t forget to maximize your donation by asking your employer to match the gift and by naming LatinoJustice as your Amazon Smiles charity when you shop on Amazon.

Please consider making your gift early this year, on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 2nd) or before the year-end holidays. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more has the potential to make a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of Latinos living and working in the United States.

Thank you for your continued dedication to justice and opportunity.

With warmest wishes for you and yours,

Juan Cartagena President and General Counsel

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