Taking a Stand for Freedom and Against Attempts to Disenfranchise Latino Voters

The right to vote is currently under attack: 34 states have introduced legislation that would make it harder to vote.

New photo ID requirements, restraints on early and absentee voting, and restraints on third-party voter registration efforts undermine the people’s right to vote. As many as 5 million eligible voters will be affected by these measures, disproportionately affecting low-income individuals, Latinos, blacks, immigrants, students, the elderly and disabled.

On Saturday, Dec. 10th (United Nations’ Human Rights Day) at 11:00AM, LatinoJustice will join the Stand for Freedom march, beginning at E 61st and Madison Ave at 11AM and arriving at the United Nations Plaza (E 47th and 2nd Ave) at 12 noon.

The march is an important affirmation of the right to vote and will raise awareness of the issue itself, which is insufficiently covered by the mainstream media. The laws aiming to disenfranchise minority voters are clearly a violation of civil rights, and yet another attempt to further disenfranchise the marginalized groups of our society.

As one of the endorsing organizations of the Stand for Freedom cause, LatinoJustice will be participating in the march to defend this civil right and represent the minorities who will be adversely affected by these unjust and anti-democratic efforts.

Our office will be hosting a Poster Making Party the day before the event, on Friday, Dec 9th, from 6-7:30PM complete with pizza, refreshments, and all the materials needed to make effective signs for the next day’s march.

Please join us at 99 Hudson Street, 14 floor in Manhattan to make posters ahead of the event, and at E 61 and Madison Avenue to march. And spread the word!

For more information, please email Civic Engagement Coordinator Tasha Moro at tmoro@latinojustice.org

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