Our Resolve Has Not Changed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2016

Contact: John Garcia, Director of Communications, 212-739-7513, 917-673-9095 or jgarcia@latinojustice.org

Please join us as we move forward to ensure that vulnerable communities remain safe and protected in this altered environment.

The result of the presidential election has created much fear, concern and angst in the Latino and broader community. We are already hearing stories of Latinos being harassed by those who now feel more freedom to target our community.

But the results did not change the work of LatinoJustice, nor our focus and our commitment to mobilize to advance civil and human rights for the full diversity of Latino communities, and our broader society.

Our unwavering commitment to equality and justice and our focus on improving the quality of life for Latino communities and all our communities in the US, and globally, remains as strong and steadfast as ever. We will combat hate speech, we will fight against unfair immigration policies, and we will work with anyone who wants to ensure the fairness of the criminal justice system. We will not let our community be marginalized.

We will continue to create young changemakers and Latino lawyers who will carry the banner of fairness, equity and equal protection in our community and in the judicial system. We will make sure that our voting rights are protected. We will protect families from being split up. We will work on changing our criminal justice system so that it is fair and balanced.

This is exactly the work we’ve been doing for 44 years.

Latino voters showed up in record numbers to the polls to exercise their right to vote. Our community will only grow and become stronger and more critical to the election of our representatives. We will work hard to ensure that their votes count.

Finally, we’d like to say to our friends and family in the Muslim, immigrant, women and disabled communities that we are standing right next to you and will continue to battle for your rights.

This is a rough time for our community. But the resolve the community showed in registering a record numbers of voters and getting them to poll will be matched by the resolve of LatinoJustice to continue to fight for all civil and human rights.

Will you donate here today to help us keep fighting for civil rights in the years to come?

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