LatinoJustice Honored for Fighting Employment Discrimination with the 2017 Trial Lawyer National Award


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LatinoJustice and a team of lawyers were recently honored with Public Justice’s 2017 Trial Lawyer of The Year award for their impactful six-year long litigation in Gonzalez v. Pritzker. The federal class action lawsuit secured a “groundbreaking settlement requiring the U.S. Census Bureau to use a fair method to determine whether the criminal history of an applicant justifies his or her rejection from a job”.

This award acknowledges the work of LatinoJustice’s Senior Counsel Jackson Chin, along with lead counsel Outten and Golden LLC and other co-counsel groups.

“Discrimination in employment based on stereotypes that harm persons who are directly impacted by a broken criminal justice system have no place in America,” said Juan Cartagena, LatinoJustice President and General Counsel. “We are happy to have played a part in ensuring that the federal workforce is as inclusive as possible”

In addition to the Gonzalez v. Pritzker legal team, three other legal teams of finalists with important litigation were also nominated for the 2017 Trial Lawyer Award.

“This fabulous peer award vindicates LatinoJustice’s important work in criminal justice reform and our efforts to eliminate unfair employment barriers in the public sector,” said Chin. “After the massive unemployment caused by the 2008 “Great Recession” the U.S. Census Bureau was a big source of new temporary jobs. While it offered a ray of economic hope for some, its rules disqualified and shut out hundreds of thousands of Latino and African American job applicants nationwide based on one’s past arrest history whether the charges were dismissed or not. Those policies violated the civil rights of legions of meritorious job applicants and are now a thing of the past.”

You can read more about the award on Public Justice's website here.

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