Jerónimo Saldaña Joins LatinoJustice as Co-Director of a New Latinx Justice Reform Collaborative


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Jerónimo Saldaña has joined LatinoJustice PRLDEF as the leader of a new national Latinx collaborative that will focus on ending the over criminalization of communities of color. Jerónimo will co-direct the Justice Reform Collaborative, a national effort to elevate the voices of Latinxs on criminal justice reform issues.

Jerónimo has over a decade of experience working to advance criminal justice and immigration reforms through the use of grassroots and digital strategies. He has honed his skills through his time working in grantmaking philanthropy, organized labor and national legislative advocacy arenas.

“Jerónimo will be the key strategist and organizer for our efforts to reform a broken criminal justice system that stigmatizes, breaks up and harms our community,” said Juan Cartagena, President and General Counsel, LatinoJustice PRLDEF. Juan will co-direct the efforts of the Collaborative with Jerónimo. “This project can be life changing for many individuals and families. We are at a critical juncture on criminal justice reform. Jerónimo will drive that discussion.”

Saldaña is a proud member of Mijente, a new political home for Chicanxs and Latinxs. A skilled digital strategist, he volunteers on Mijente’s communication squad. During the past year, he was the driving force behind the viral anti-Trump Make America Mexico Again hat campaign and continues to pursue cultural shifting dialogues through the use of online spaces.

“Latinxs are disproportionally impacted by the criminal justice system and therefore we need to be at the table and leading discussions on how we can stop the harm to our communities and families,” he said. “We must be leading the efforts for reform on issues such as eliminating certain mandatory minimum sentences, creating rehabilitation and reentry programs, providing service to those suffering from mental health struggles and the entire myriad of related topics.”

In 2016, Remezcla included his activism in their list of Latino activists who fought for a better world. He is currently based in Brooklyn and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chicana/o Studies.

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