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Apr 4, 2013: ICE Llega a Acuerdo Legal con Familias Neoyorquinas por Redadas Ilegales

La Agencia Pagará $1 Millón de Dólares y Tendrá que Cambiar Procedimientos a Nivel Nacional.

Apr 3, 2013: $1 Million ICE Settlement with New York Families Requires National Changes to Agency Policy

Twenty-two Latino victims of unlawful warrantless home raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) obtained a settlement today requiring new national policies for ICE agents conducting warrantless home operations and $1 million in damages and fees. In addition, eight men and women who were arrested during the raids have received either deferred action or termination of their immigration cases.

Apr 2, 2013: Watching Virginia's Voter ID Laws

On March 11, LatinoJustice PRLDEF along with eighteen other civil and voting rights organizations sent a letter to Governor Robert F. McDonnell of Virginia urging him to veto SB 1256 and HB 1337 which will limit eligible voters' access on Election Day.

Mar 29, 2013: Youth Day! Pack the Courts

LatinoJustice Youth Leadership Network will stand with youth from across New York City to call for end to discriminatory policing.

Mar 17, 2013: The Other Big Voting Rights Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on whether Arizona’s incessant drive to suppress its Latino population can make it impossible for newly naturalized citizens to register to vote by mail.

Feb 11, 2013: LatinoJustice Celebrates the Confirmation of Former Staff Attorney Jenny Rivera to the New York State Court of Appeals

LatinoJustice Celebrates the Confirmation of Former Staff Attorney Jenny Rivera to the New York State Court of Appeals

Feb 11, 2013: Que No Inventen Excusas

El Senado de Nueva York debe de aprobar la nominación de Jenny Rivera ahora, y en forma abrumadora.

Feb 10, 2013: Stop Inventing Excuses

Stop Inventing Excuses - Jenny Rivera is very qualified to be on the state Court of Appeals

Feb 7, 2013: Statement by José Calderón, on the NYS Senate Confirmation Hearing of Jenny Rivera

Statement by José Calderón, President of the Hispanic Federation, regarding the NYS Senate Confirmation Hearing for Court of Appeals Nominee Jenny Rivera

Jan 31, 2013: Latino Leaders Respond to President Obama's Call for Immigration Reform

Latinos leaders respond to the President's call for immigration reform.

Jan 23, 2013: Latino and Asian American Groups Tells Supreme Court Arizona Voter Laws Harms Naturalized Citizens

Latino and Asian American Groups Tell Supreme Court Arizona Voter Law Harms Naturalized Citizens

Jan 15, 2013: LatinoJustice PRLDEF Alum Jenny Rivera Nominated to NY State’s Court of Appeals

Former LatinoJustice PRLDEF staff attorney Jenny Rivera has been nominated to sit on the New York State Court of Appeals by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Dec 19, 2012: Jacob's Story

“I’m going home to my abuela’s this weekend; I hope I don’t get stopped….”

Nov 22, 2012: Dando Gracias

Giving Thanks

Nov 9, 2012: Battling Hate with Humor in Charlotte

Send in the Clowns

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