To Our Community Under the New Administration

On this day of a new administration, know that LatinoJustice will protect you.

To our immigrant family, we will fight anyone who hurts you, threatens you or tries to deport you. We will fight to protect information given under DACA and we’ll continue to fight against immigration policies that split up families.

To our incarcerated family and those whose lives have been destroyed by being in prison, we will fight to fix a corrupt criminal justice system that puts teenagers in solitary confinement, allows private companies to abuse citizens and is designed to disenfranchise people long after they have served their time.

To our sisters, we will fight for the expansion of women rights and to protect you from workplace abuse and from violence.

To our voter community, we will fight to correct an election process that denies millions of people the right to vote and participate in an election to millions of people. And to our brothers and sisters who are African-American, Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled or who are part of any marginalized community, know that LatinoJustice will stand with you to fight bigotry and hate.

LatinoJustice has been fighting hate, bigotry and injustice for 45 years. To our clients, supporters, and friends, we say, “Do not despair. There are millions of people who are engaged, prepared and ready to stop any and all attempts to harm our community. The LatinoJustice team stands with you.”

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