LJP Update: Criminal Justice Convening in Orlando, Rikers Report Released and More

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Join us at Latinos and The Criminal Justice System - Florida

On April 18th and 19th LatinoJustice will be in Orlando for a critical strategy conversation to discuss proposed reforms to the many policies criminalizing our community; to explore ways to work together to start to address this national crisis; and to add our voice to forces of change. Discussion and action points:

  • Mass incarceration: What are the strategies to reduce incarceration?
  • Felon Disfranchisement: Ending Florida’s abuse of voting rights via Referendum
  • Prisoner Classification: Florida’s refusal to issue CJ data outside a Black/White Binary
  • Abolishing Florida’s Death Penalty
  • Crimmigration: Stopping the Use of Florida’s criminal justice systems law enforcement, courts and corrections to stem unwarranted deportations

There is limited space. RSVP here.

The Independent Commission Studying Rikers Island Outlines Plan to Close Jail Facilities on Rikers Island

NEW YORK, NY - The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, which included LatinoJustice President and General Counsel Juan Cartagena, outlined a detailed, achievable plan to permanently close Rikers Island and establish of five state-of-the-art borough-based jail facilities. The Commission’s recommendation to close Rikers were detailed in its final report released on Friday, following more than a year of in-depth research and extensive community outreach. Read more about the report here and read the actual report here.

LatinoJustice joins Amicus Opposing Travel Ban in State of Hawai`i and Ismail Elshikh v. Trump et al.

In their amicus brief, the Korematsu Center and joining amici assert that courts can and should review executive branch action on immigration. The “plenary power doctrine”—arguably conferring a blank check to the executive branch—is based on a string of overtly racist and outdated cases.

“The President’s first Executive Order travel ban, also known as the ‘Muslim Ban,’ faced a number of legal challenges in the courts because of egregious constitutional violations which resulted in that initial Executive Order being enjoined. We join our fellow legal partners in the civil rights community to reiterate, as we did with the first travel ban, that a civil rights violation of one person is a civil rights violation for all of us,” said Juan Cartagena, President and General Counsel at LatinoJustice PRLDEF.

Read more here.

Latino Leaders Applaud Decision by Florida State Attorney Ayala To No Longer Pursue The Death Penalty In Future Cases

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a coalition of 40 of the nation’s preeminent Latino advocacy organizations which includes LatinoJustice and Hispanic Federation, stands firm with the decision of Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala to no longer pursue the death penalty in future cases. This decision comes at a critical time, as Florida recently approved a bill that reinstates the death penalty after its use was put on hold following the Hurst v. Florida verdict. With this reinstatement, State Attorney Ayala’s decision is of utmost importance in developing criminal justice reforms that provide for a more humane and fair criminal justice system.

“As stewards of ensuring the country’s commitment to equality and fairness for the Latino community I am fully aware of what this principled position means for marginalized communities and indeed, for all of America. What we need is more prosecutors like State Attorney Aramis Ayala. We thank her for her courage,” said Juan Cartagena, Chair of NHLA’s Criminal Justice Working Group and President and General Counsel of LatinoJustice PRLDEF.

Read more here.

Now Hiring: Community Organizer – Southeast Office

Under the leadership of our President and General Counsel, LJP’s work is focused on addressing systemic discrimination and ensuring equal access to justice in the advancement of the rights of formerly incarcerated persons and Criminal Justice reform. LJP aims to include the Latino voices in the criminal justice conversation, and to generate the public will necessary to reduce mass incarceration in America. For this purpose, LJP is seeking to hire a full-time Community Organizer based in its Southeast office in Orlando, Florida. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

  • 100 Years of Puerto Rican American Citizenship: The Jones Act of 1917 provided for the collective naturalization of the residents of Puerto Rico. Congress subsequently enacted a "birthright" provision in the Nationality Act of 1940 granting a native-born status to Puerto Ricans. This panel explores the impact that this had on Puerto Ricans. Where: New York City When: 6pm, April 5th More info: here
  • Latinos and the Criminal Justice System: A critical strategy conversation to discuss proposed reforms to the many policies criminalizing our community; to explore ways to work together to start to address this national crisis; and to add our voice to forces of change. Where: Orlando, FL When: April 18th-19th RSVP: here
  • May Day 2017: We are joining with advocates and community mobilizers in New York City for a May Day action in support of immigrant rights and worker rights. The events will take place throughout New York City and if you RSVP here then we will keep you in the loop about some specific actions where LatinoJustice is involved or actions that might interest you. Where: New York City When: May 1st More info: Here

Immigration Resources form Our Partners:This is a collection of Know Your Rights materials focused on Immigrant Rights from our partners and government agencies. If you know something that is missing then please message us at info@latinojustice.org with a link to the resources that should be added. See the resources here.

Twitter Highlight

  • We joined community advocates and legal organizations to hold NYS accountable to motor voter law #VotingRights. Link here.
  • People say immigrants must come "right way," problem is right way is broken bc immigration policy is broken - Carlos of @DRMAction #DACA Photo here
  • Glad that we could join @HispanicFed for #hfadvocacyday17! Highlighting the importance of #LatinoPriorities in NYS #LatinosListen Photo here

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