Giving Thanks and Going Forward

Saludos Amigos y Amigas,

Today we are gathered with families to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. This day has long been one to band together with loved ones a to express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. At LatinoJustice, we are incredibly grateful for the support and dedication of the many individuals who stand beside us as we fight for the civil and human rights of Latinos – and all people – in this country. Particularly now, as hate and exclusion have become normalized by the incoming administration, we gain strength from the thousands of supporters and friends who have expressed their commitment to the struggle for justice and equality.

Our LatinoJustice staff gathered to celebrate our own Thanksgiving. We expressed our solidarity with the families who came to the United States to escape fear and pain in their home countries and who are now faced with the very real danger of their own families being fractured by deportation. We remembered the spirit with which this country has traditionally been a beacon of hope for immigrants. And we renewed our promise to continue to represent and defend the ideals through which this country has thrived – equality, justice and freedom. We stand with you in this commitment.

Read Juan’s Year-end message here.

When you break bread with your family, remember that LatinoJustice is here for you. We will stand up with and by you to ensure that you and your loved ones will have the same opportunities to live, learn and love in peace in this country.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Juan Cartagena,
President & General Counsel

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