LJP Update: Urging Supreme Court to Protect Executive Action on Immigration, End of the Year Giving and More

LJP Update: We filed an Amicus Brief Urging the Supreme Court to protect President's Executive Action on Immigration and make sure that it is addressed in this cycle. As we wrap up the year we also encourage you to donate to LatinoJustice so we can keep advocating for rights of Latinos in the court.

Thanksgiving message and News from LatinoJustice

That #LJPFamilia wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. We also recap some major LatinoJustice news such as a national convening of Latinos leaders to discuss the role of Latinos in the Criminal Justice System.

News and Events: Meet our Corporate Leader, Vacation Auction and more

Meet the Comcast NBCUniversal Telemundo, the Corporate Leader. We also recap Law Day 2015 where over potential law students had a chance to mingle with over 80 Law Schools.

News and Events: Big Win in Hazleton, Meet the 2015 CAP Leader2015 Gala, and more

Meet the Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP, the CAP Leader and Pilar Ramos, Lucero Recipient for the 2015 Gala. We also have big news about a litigation

News and Events: Gala Honoree Profile, Right To Be Counted and more

Get to Know Junot Diaz, Community Champion for the 2015 Gala. Then, find out about the latest Supreme Court case that could change the redistricting process as we know it. This and much more is covered in this week's bi-weekly news and events update.

News and Events: Credit Check Ban in NYC, Tenants Rights forum and more

Employment credit check band takes effect in New York City - Washington Governor grants rare commutation for Latino inmate and more

News and Events: Florida Redraws Congressional Districts, Protections Reinstated for Home Care Workers and more

A federal court approves key reforms in NYC Stop-and-Frisk Case. Florida legislature redraws Congressional districts. Court reinstate Federal protections to home care workers

News and Events: Commemorating the VRA - Presentation to DA interns and more

August 6th marked the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. We joined advocates to commemorate this moment while calling for Congress to act and restore the VRA. Learn about our outreach to high school students through social justice presentations, and our LAWbound program. These stories and more can be found in our bi-weekly newsletter.

News and Events: Law for Black Lives, Youth outreach and more

LatinoJustice interns tell us about their experience at the #LAW4BlackLives conference. Then we hear about two events where we reached out to young people interested in law.

News and Events; Puerto Rico, NJ Education and More

This is a copy of the newsletter that we sent out on July 23rd and it highlights the latest news and events from LatinoJustice. It focused on recapping LAWbound, NJ education policy, Puerto Rico Crisis and more

News and Events: Fair Housing Victory, Passage Fair Chance Act and more

This week's newsletter recapped the Supreme Court Ruling about Fair housing, New York City Council's passage of the Fair Chance Act and much more

News and events: UN testimony about Vieques, Sexual harrasment filing and more

Natasha shares a report about her testimony in front of the UN about Vieques. Then, Jose updates us about a sexual harrasment filing that LatinoJustice is working on for laundry workers in Long Island. This news and more can be found in each newsletter, make sure you are subscribed so you can receive the most up to date news and events.

LJP News

We're getting ready for the fall and we're excited to see you at our 5th Annual Leadership Reception and our Annual Awards Gala.

LJP News & Events: 9/16/2013

We're getting ready for the fall and we're excited to see you at our 5th Annual Leadership Reception and our Annual Awards Gala.

Help Us Put 40 Students on the Path to Leadership

LatinoJustice PRLDEF Launches 40/40/40 Campaign

LJP News & Events February 13, 2013

In this issue: Employment Agency Abuse Project & Latina Trailblazers

Kicking off 2013 With A Victory

In This Issue: Stop and Frisk, Philadelphia Legacy Tour, Winter LawBound and more!

Only a few hours left to guarantee your 2012 charitable deduction!

In This Issue: Donate to LatinoJustice PRLDEF today before it's too late.

Did You Make Your 2012 Donation to LatinoJustice Yet?

In This Issue: Make your year-end contribution before midnight tonight.

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