NYPD on Trial: Floyd vs. City of New York

Posted on 03/14/2013 @ 12:24 AM

Tags: NYPD On Trial, Floyd vs. city of New York, Change the NYPD, Community Safety Act, Center for Constitutional Rights

Starting on March 18, it will be the people of New York who will have their day in court and the NYPD that will be held accountable for its actions. The long-awaited trial challenging the constitutionality of the NYPD’s racially-discriminatory stop-and-frisk practices will take place in federal court in New York.

The class-action suit, Floyd v. City of New York, is brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who are illegally stopped each year by police officers as part of this longstanding, controversial practice.

The Floyd trial is at the center of what has become a citywide movement to end racially discriminatory policing and the siege of black and brown neighborhoods by the NYPD.

That movement began in response to the horrific 1997 shooting of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed black man standing in the doorway of his own apartment who was mowed down in a hail of 41 NYPD bullets. Part of that response was CCR’s landmark case Daniels v. City of New York, filed in 1999 and settled in 2003. Daniels led to the disbanding of the infamous NYPD Street Crimes Unit.

It also required the city to provide quarterly stop-and-frisk data to CCR, which led to the development of the Floyd case when it became clear the City was not abiding by the settlement and that the number of unconstitutional stops had grown exponentially.

Floyd brings full circle the movement that began in 1997, when thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets chanting “it’s a wallet, not a gun” – a reference to Diallo’s fatal attempt to show police his ID and an encapsulation of all that is wrong about the racially biased practices of the NYPD.

Help us pack the courtroom on March 18 for the start of this historic trial!

Follow this link for additional details: http://ccrjustice.org/floydtrial

Check out CCR's stop and frisk website to learn more about the human impact of discriminatory policing: http://stopandfrisk.org/

Learn more about the lawsuit at: http://www.ccrjustice.org/floyd

Follow us along on Twitter and join the conversation with #ChangetheNYPD #NYPDonTrial.


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