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Stop The Frisk!

Es hora de que nos cuentes tu historia! Vamos a enviarle un mensaje a la policía de Nueva York, diciéndoles que no vamos a tolerar la discriminación contra nuestra comunidad! Ayúdanos y comparte tu historia. ¿Dónde fuiste detenido? ¿Qué estabas haciendo? ¿Como te hicieron sentir?

Para obtener recursos adicionales en español sobre "Stop & Frisk" visite nuestra pagina aqui.

It's time for you to tell us your story! Let's send a message to the NYPD by telling them that we will not stand for this. Help us stop the frisk by sharing your story. Where were you stopped? When were you frisked? What were you doing? How did it make you feel?

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For more information on how you can protect yourself from Stop & Frisk visit our resource page.

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